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HI-TEK SUPERCOAT -- Coated Hard Cast Bullets

We use a unique heat-set “HI-TEK Supercoat” manufactured by J&M Specialized Products P/L in Australia where it has been used for more than 20 years. The Hi-Tek Supercoat Bullet Coating totally encapsulates the lead projectiles and replaces standard wax lube.

Our bullets are “Hard-Cast.” Hard cast bullets are just that: harder. We use a 92% Lead/6% Antimony/2% Tin bullet alloy for casting all bullets. We buy our bullet alloy directly from a local foundry that has the knowledge, equipment and experience to manufacture bullet alloy to exacting specifications.

Hi-Tek Supercoat bullets are safe to shoot indoors and your dies will remain clean during the reloading process. Coated bullets produce higher velocities. The coating gives off no toxic out gassing or particulate matter when fired. The coating is absolutely nonabrasive and contains no PTFE or MOLY. There is no wax lube to gum up your loading dies and it minimizes your exposure to lead. The end result is cleaner air, cleaner hands, cleaner reloading equipment and cleaner guns.

You may special order any other bullet we manufacture with Hi -Tek Supercoat Coating, but it will take a bit longer for you to receive your order. Please contact us to place your special order.

Our goal is to offer high performance, accurate bullets at competitive lead bullet prices.

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