About Us!
Chey-Cast Bullets is a family and friend owned business of individuals that have been shooting, casting bullets, and reloading for over 40 years. We have been commercially selling bullets since its inception in 2001. We started casting bullets because of the lack of supply of cast bullets and the high cost of shipping. We have been shooting Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) matches since 1995 and got tired of paying as much for shipping as for bullets. So we started our own manufacturing and retail Bullet Company. 

In the past the Chey-Cast family has participated in Cowboy Action, Bowling Pin, Steel Challenge, Defensive Pistol, IDPA, NRA Action Pistol, and Silhouettes just to name a few. Beside all of that fun we are avid hunters and fishermen, as well as members of SASS, NRA, 4-H Shooting Sports, Ducks Unlimited, NSSF, A Girl and A Gun, and the Elk Foundation. 

We are proud to have sponsored a variety of shooting sports club matches throughout the years and look forward to continuing our support of Shooting Sports organizations. 

We have been at the same location in Cheyenne, Wyoming, since 1981 and plan to be here for many more years serving your bullet needs. Since this is a family business many of our children, grandchildren and friends participate in the success of our business. Our most enjoyable shooting sport is Cowboy Action Shooting, which Hank is a Life member of SASS #5164. His expertise includes having been a local club president, State and Regional Match Director, Territorial Governor and is a SASS Regulator. Hank and Dee are known as Slowpoke WY and Dazee Bristol in the SASS community.