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Evil Roy

SASS Hall of Fame inductee 

Overall National and World Champion in both Cowboy Action and Wild Bunch shooting.

40 World/National shooting championship wins

"I have decided to shoot Chey Cast bullets for several reasons.  I have known Hank for many years and like him personally.  He produces a high quality hard cast bullet which has a good reputation for consistancy and quality at a fair price.  He produces his bullets with the Hi Tek Supercoat process which the best coating process I am aware of.  This coating totally encapsulates the bullet which reduces my exposure to lead from fired rounds and also from handling bullets while reloading.  It replaces bullet lube which gums up my reloading equipment and firearms." Evil Roy


Welcome to The Cat Family!!!

"We have used Chey- Cast Bullets in our competitions successfully, for years."
The Cat Family
Cat Tracker SASS #9624
Kitty Carbine SASS #9625
Cobra Cat SASS #19275
(Your Current State, Regional, National & World Champion for 2014)

The Cat Family
Cobra Cat, SASS #19275

Thank you to all our fine customers for your appreciative comments!

"I have noted before my friends and I are all retired Military. We shoot 4 days per week. With the supply chain we use Chey bullets in areas they were not thought of with outstanding results. We use .44 caliber Chey with green sabots in 50 caliber muzzle loaders. We use .45 caliber Chey Bullets with black sabots in our 50 muzzle loaders. They always print 1 inch M.O.A. to 2inch M.O.A. We have 350 legend rifles and have many Chey 9mm bullets laying around and small pistol primers. We load these to base of bullet with Trail Boss, velocity probably equal to a city buss, but they are fun and very accurate 2inch M.O.A. all day long. Cheap and fun to shoot. Who knows if ever the supply chain will catch up but we found a way to keep shooting. The 45 caliber Chey out of my 460 SW loaded with Trail Boss loaded to base of bullet is trotting along at 1010 FPS enough to get a pass through both sides of so called armor plate on 150 pound hogs. The combination makes it fun to shoot. You can shoot 50 rounds and when finished you don't feel like you went 50 rounds with Cassius Clay, Thank you for great service and good reasonably priced quality bullet that works" Bob Morrison

Step 1 question: What could we do to improve your experience with us?
Nothing. Had a question about .458 Hitek standing up to rifle velocities. Answered on the 2nd ring and didn't even have to get put on hold. Had answer off top of your head. It's nice dealing with a company that knows their product!

Before ordering I called by phone.  You answered
on the first ring and gave useful answers to my few questions.
I ordered and the product arrived packed in a plastic bag
in a heavy duty cardboard box, sturdy, which was packed
inside newspapers in a larger shipping box.  All in sound
good shape, contrary to one of your really big competitors.
Your shipping was nearly immediate, no BS no excuses for
Bullets were 41 magnum 220 grain and hitech coated.  If
you are going to offer only one bullet type for an admittedly
rare caliber this is probably the best compromise possible.
It is 220 grains, needs no lube, 16 Brinell which means it 
will work well from 750/800 to ll50 or 1200 FPS.  Accuracy
loads are 5.5 of Winchester 231, and 8 grains of Unique.
I save top loads of Accurate no. 9 for jacketed Sierras and
Hornady XTP's.
Chey-cast bullets will cover about all the revolver/handgun 
needs any of us will ever have.  Sure the jacketed products from
big manufacturers have a role to play and we love shooting
those too, when we have a genuine need for them. Other
times we like to shoot thrifty and also save our barrel
bores and not knock the heck out of our guns and
our shooting hands.  Trauma is cumulative over a lifetime.
Why suffer if you dont have to.   
Thanks again from Lake Havasu City AZ.
January 1, 2021

I have been using your Hi-Tech supercoat bullets for a few weeks now and feel compelled to write.  These bullets are the best I have ever used. Accurate and clean.  Cleaning my pistol is so much easier now-no lead fouling of the barrel - ZERO!  Thank you for a fine product.
Received my first order from you yesterday and I am impressed.  The bullets look 1st rate and the response time was amazing.  I ordered on Wednesday morning and they were delivered on that Saturday afternoon to my house in Florida!  Wow.  Expect more business from me. Thanks.

Just a note to let you know that your supercoat bullets are winners.
My wife, Eloise Pearce; alias Belinda Belle SASS Life Member #46966 started using the Hi-Tek Supercoat bullet at the start of 2016. Before that we have bought your lead bullets and tried making some ourselves. (Too much trouble)
So far this year Belinda is a winner at many matches.  We have a few more matches to go this year and are looking for the same kind of results.
Belinda says it's because of good shooting; I say it's the Supercoat bullets.
Thanks for making these quality bullets.
Thanks, Greg Pearce, Alias Gem Hunter, Life time SASS # 24237
These Hi-Tec Bullets are the Cat's Mammie . Only shot 100, they sure do load into the 73 nice. I'm a Hi-Tec Redneck fer shore now. I'll be talkin to Y'all soon."

I got my bullets yesterday and they look great. It was a pleasure doing business with you and thanks for the prompt service.  Charles E.
Hi Hank and team. We are loving your products!  
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Colorado Custom Cartridges. LLC
[email protected]
143 Crown Point Drive
Bellvue, Co. 80512

Post on Facebook by Bruce.
We've been getting ready for Winter Range (SASS Nat'l Championships) when I started running low on some components. Got online w/Chey Cast and in just a few days my order showed up! Free shipping (over $100) and also got a free sample pack of 9mm to try. Thanks to Hank and the Chey Cast folks for the always great service!

Chey Cast makes a bullet for virtually all shooting applications. Recreation shooting and plinking, Cowboy Action, NRA Action Pistol, IDPA, Steel Challenge, Bowling Pins even Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette--you name it and Chey Cast has an answer for it. The bullets are uniform, constent and have very low weight deviations--which are key attributes for high standards of accuracy. Also, Hank and Dee are friendly, customer focused, and truly abide by the "Code of the West"! Andy R
I think your bullets are great, The BP lube makes my guns clean up as if I were shooting smokeless powder. Thanks again, Mike
Dear Cheycast Folks: I'm the guy who dropped into your shop today and bought a box of your new 45acp 185gr SWC bullets. Returned promptly to my reloading bench to work up some rounds. After consulting my own notes and several manuals, I chose to power them with 9.6 grains of AA#7 for about 875fps in a four inch barrel. OLR at 1.2 inches, putting the "rim" of the bullet right at the case mouth. Two test rounds in each of my 1911, Glock21, and SmithM&P chambered and cycled perfectly. That round nose SWC is a big improvement over the truncated cone shape I'm more familiar with. Tomorrow I'll shoot for accuracy fully confident in the performance of your bullet. Great work. I'll be back. Best regards, Fritz
Just got in a shipment of .45 LC and .32 bullet heads.  They are PERFECT! Nicely packaged, and promptly sent. Thank you very much, Russ
Hello.my bullets arrived today. That was quick, especially the way things are right now. Hope to load some up soon and see how they fly. Thanks.   Mark 
Your service is outstanding as well your product. Thanks Donald
Thanks for the follow up call the other day; excellent service as usual. I received my merchandise a couple of days later, along with a nice cap….thanks. Steve
Hank... and Chey-Cast,
Thank you for the donation of $500.00 worth of gift certificates for our annual shoot. You know that you are welcome to set up a booth during the shoot as well.  Again, Thank You... see ya' on the range. Kid

Thank you for agreeing to sponsor the 2014 AZSA Championships. Steve